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Contributing to Peace and Stability in the Indo-Pacific Since 1975

Founded in 1975, the Pacific Forum is a non-profit foreign policy research institute based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Forum’s programs encompass current and emerging political, security, economic, and business issues and work to help stimulate cooperative policies in the Indo-Pacific region through analysis and dialogue undertaken with the region’s leaders in the academic, government, and corporate areas.

The Forum collaborates with a network of more than 30 research institutes around the Pacific Rim, drawing on Asian perspectives and disseminating its projects’ findings and recommendations to opinion leaders, governments, and the public throughout the region. We regularly co-sponsor conferences with institutes throughout Asia to facilitate nongovernmental institution building as well as to foster cross-fertilization of ideas.

A Board of Directors guides the Pacific Forum’s work. The Forum is funded by grants from foundations, corporations, individuals, and governments. The Forum’s studies are objective and nonpartisan, and it does not engage in classified or proprietary work.

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