Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Statement

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The Pacific Forum is committed to integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) in its programming. Equitable treatment of all staff and program participants is key to upholding the organization’s mission to contribute to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific. To this end, the following statement describes Pacific Forum’s current and intended activities to integrate DEIA principles and practices.

To diversify the pool of potential implementers and subject matter experts, the Pacific Forum will work closely with its partner countries. As the U.S. representative for the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP), the Pacific Forum has connections to a range of countries and representative organizations that provide access to diverse, international mentors, speakers, and participants.

To ensure all participants can fully access and participate in our activities, we will include inquiries regarding accessibility requirements on all registration and application forms. We will also seek speakers and participants from diverse backgrounds, especially from underrepresented or marginalized groups in partner countries. 

To advance gender equity among speakers and participants attending its events, the Pacific Forum will do its best to include a minimum of 33% women speakers and 50% women participants in its activities. As part of its Women, Peace and Security programming, the Pacific Forum will continue to collect data on the gender of speakers and participants in its events by maintaining its Gender Tracker, an in-house evaluation of event attendance disaggregated by gender. We will also track the gender of authors for our publications to also utilize this data to advance gender equity throughout our organization. 

The Pacific Forum will continue to maintain and promote its Women Experts Directory – a directory of women experts on various Indo-Pacific security issues – to involve the input and feedback of women as resource speakers and experts throughout Pacific Forum projects. The Pacific Forum also makes the directory freely available to other organizations to enhance the participation of women as expert speakers at events related to Indo-Pacific security issues. 

The Pacific Forum prides itself on facilitating dialogue and stimulating cooperative policies while remaining committed to the inclusion of voices from a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, especially from those who are local to the Indo-Pacific region.