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Honolulu International Forum featuring Erik Britton and Laura Eaton



Honolulu, Hawaii


US-China Tech Competition and the Real State of China’s Economy

Erik Britton is Managing Director and CEO at Fathom, a world-leading consultancy specializing in macroeconomics, geopolitics and financial markets. He is responsible for designing and implementing the company’s strategy, guiding its macro research, and winning and leading major consultancy projects. Prior to joining Fathom in 2007, Erik was a director at a leading economic forecasting consultancy; previously he worked within the Bank of England’s Monetary Analysis Division, running the Bank’s UK macroeconomic model and coordinating its international forecast. As the lead research director of Fathom’s efforts on supply chains, China, and global economics, he has advised the CIA, INDOPACOM, Africom, the UK Ministry of Defence, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the NSC, the DNI, the US Treasury Department and many others.


Laura Eaton is Chief Operating Officer at Fathom and manages all major consultancy projects for the US Government, which include developing a suite of analytical tools to assess the real state of China’s economy and growing global influence. These tools capture China’s real growth rate, its cross border flows, and economic interdependency of more than 150 countries.