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Ms. Charity Borg (US)

Ms.Charity Borg (US) is a Women, Peace and Security (WPS) subject matter expert, and US Department of Defense (DoD) certified Gender Advisor with 10 years of experience in international engagements, foreign affairs research, defense and government policy & plans generation and implementation in the Indo-Pacific and Africa. Throughout her career she has directly supported more than […]

Jeremi (Jem) Panganiban (PH)

Jeremi (Jem) Panganiban (PH) is interested in feminist anthropologies of sustainability, care, and resilience in maritime Southeast Asia. In her own research work, she explores how women in ocean communities thrive in the midst of armed aggression and biodiversity collapse. She is interested in the life and vitality of women in maritime communities, whose proximity to sites […]

Celina Agaton (CAN)

Celina Agaton (CAN) is the Filipino-Canadian Founder of Open Knowledge Kit. She regenerates local economies in Asia Pacific, Africa and Indigenous Canada, training local, mostly non-technical cross-sector women data collection, drone, 3D reconstruction and geospatial tools to address knowledge stewardship, gender, jobs, and climate crisis gaps. She leads programs for CGIAR, World Bank and APEC. She […]

Astha Chadha (IND)

Astha Chadha (IND)is a Japanese Government MEXT PhD scholar at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and a researcher at the university’s Center for Democracy Promotion. She is a part-time lecturer at Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College, Japan. She holds MSc in International Relations (Ritsumeikan APU), MA in Economics (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and BA (Hons) in Economics (University […]

Siti Darojatul Aliah (ID)

Siti Darojatul Aliah (ID) or shortly called by her nick name Dete is the Founder and Director of SeRVE (Society against Radicalism and Violent Extremism) – Indonesia. She was formerly the Managing Director of Yayasan Prasasti Perdamaian (YPP) or Institute for International Peace Building and the board of YPP since 2010.  She graduated from SungKongHue University of South Korea […]