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Regional Engagement

The Pacific Forum has numerous dialogues and programs dealing with a broad array of regional issues. With the support of the US embassies in Tokyo, Seoul, and Canberra, the Pacific Forum regularly conducts outreach effort to scholars and the public at large in Japan, South Korea, and Australia on various foreign and security policy issues in the Indo-Pacific. The unique format of these events, along with their multi-city itinerary, contribute to the Pacific Forum’s efforts to engage not only leaders and decision-makers, but broader communities as well.

The Pacific Forum also has a steadfast commitment to working with Myanmar to facilitate its integration into the international community. With the support of the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, the Pacific Forum runs an annual “US-Myanmar Nonproliferation Dialogue” to help Myanmar burnish its nonproliferation credentials. It also offers resident and nonresident fellowship opportunities to Myanmar nationals, and has been active in seeking to engage key decisionmakers in Myanmar to discuss key regional security questions.