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PacNet #17 – Comparative Connections Summary

April 15, 2004
The Comparative Connections Issue of April is now available online:
Regional Overview: CVID, WMD, and Elections Galore
U.S.-Japan Relations: Staying the Course
U.S.-China Relations: A Familiar Pattern: Cooperation with a Dash of Friction
U.S.-Korea Relations: In the Eye of the Beholder: Impasse or Progress in the Six-Party Talks?
U.S.-Russia Relations: Elections Bring Tensions
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: A WMD Discovery in Malaysia and Counter-Terrorism Concerns in the Rest of Southeast Asia
China-Southeast Asia Relations: A Lull, and Some Complaints
China-Taiwan Relations: Election Drama and Implications
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Marking Time
China-Korea Relations: Can China Unstick the Korean Nuclear Standoff?
Japan-China Relations: Dialogue of the Almost Deaf
Japan-Korea Relations: Happy Birthday, Mr. Kim
China-Russia Relations: Presidential Politicking and Proactive Posturing
U.S.-Taiwan Relations: Four Years of Commitment and Crisis