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PacNet #27 – Comparative Connections Summary

July 12, 2002
The July 2002 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:


Regional Overview: Powell Speaks . . . Was Anyone Listening?
U.S.-Japan Relations: All is Good, If You Don’t Look Too Close
U.S.-China Relations: Fleshing out the Candid, Cooperative, and Constructive Relationship
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Building for the Long Term
U.S.-Russia Relations: Growing Expectations: How Far Can Rapprochement be Carried Forward?
U.S.-Korea Relations: After the “Breakthrough,” Now What?
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Former Tigers under the Dragon’s Spell
Japan-China Relations: The Good, the Bad, and . . . Japan-China Relations
China-Taiwan Relations: Negotiation Feelers and Defense Issues
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Sunshine Sunk?
Japan-Korea Relations: The World Cup and Sports Diplomacy
China-Russia Relations: Beautiful Relationship in a Dangerous World 
China-Korea Relations: Clash, Crash, and Cash: Core Realities in the Sino-Korean Relationship