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PacNet #29A and 29B – Living with a nuclear North Korea and Six-Party Talks: Prospects for Success

Living with a nuclear North Korea, by Brad Glossserman
All participants in the Six Party Talks – including North Korea – say that the goal of the negotiations is the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Don’t bet on it. An unblinkered assessment of the various interests forces one conclusion: the world must prepare for a “gray” North Korea, a nation with a suspected but unconfirmed limited nuclear capability.


Six-Party Talks: Prospects for Success, by Ralph A. Cossa
The Six-Party Talks aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs are set to resume in Beijing July 26 after a 13-month hiatus. But what are the prospects for success? Some, particularly in China and South Korea, see the mere act of talking as progress . . . and certainly talking is better than not talking. But it is clearly not enough.