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Walker D. Mills

Walker D. Mills (USA) is a native of Philadelphia, PA, and a U.S. Marine Corps officer serving as an exchange officer in Cartagena, Colombia. He holds a bachelor’s in history from Brown University and a master’s in international relations and contemporary war from King’s College, London. Currently he is enrolled as a non-resident student at the Naval Postgraduate School in the homeland security program. He is also the 2021 Military Fellow with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy and a Non-Resident Fellow with the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future War at Marine Corps University. His award-winning writing has been published in a range of outlets including War on the Rocks, USNI Proceedings, West Point’s Modern War Institute, Defense News, CIMSEC, the Marine Corps Gazette and Strategy Bridge. Walker volunteers at CIMSEC as an associate editor and podcast host for Sea Control. When not writing, he enjoys marathons, triathlons, and homebrewing.