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Cybersecurity and emerging technologies are taking center stage in the conduct of foreign policy, with profound effects on international affairs. As cybersecurity and emerging technologies increasingly become vital assets of statecraft, the Pacific Forum is pioneering efforts in the Indo-Pacific region that aim to bridge policy and practice to better illuminate their long-term implications. 
The Pacific Forum has run several Track 1.5 and Track 2 dialogues focused on cybersecurity and emerging technologies that bring together the region’s leading thinkers and innovators from government, academia, industry and civil society. Through a close collaborative partnership among local and regional experts in the Indo-Pacific, the Pacific Forum has pioneered a unique approach to policy and dialogue, giving rise to cross-cutting perspectives on cybersecurity and emerging technologies.
At the height of the global pandemic, Pacific Forum hosted insightful and engaging discussions across the Indo-Pacific region like the US- Singapore Cyber&Tech Security Virtual Series;” and the 21st Century Technologies, Geopolitics, and the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Recognizing Game-changing Potential,” and the Asia Pacific Space Diplomacy Dialogue. In 2021, Pacific aims to sustain such momentum with the upcoming launch of the US-Singapore Tech & Innovation Virtual Series and US-Japan Cybersecurity Cooperation: Beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


The Cyber ASEAN Capacity-Building Project
  • Cyber ASEAN: Advancing Cyber Resiliency and Capacity in Southeast Asia
US Technology and Security Partnerships
  • S-QUAD Tech Summit 2024
  • US-Japan Cyber Forum 2024: (upload the publication)
    • Advancing Cybersecurity and Resiliency in the Age of Uncertainty (English and Japanese)
  • US-Japan Cybersecurity Cooperation: Beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (2021)
Indo-Pacific Current Podcast
  • Buffering: Cyber ASEAN Special Series 2024

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