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2014 Asia Pacific Security Forum – The Dynamic Situation in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific Security


– 08/29/2014


Honolulu, Hawaii


August 28, 2014
Honolulu, Hawaii

“The Dynamic Situation in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific Security”

Keynote Speaker:
RADM Cari Thomas, Commander, Coast Guard District 14

Panel One – The USA-PRC Relations after Xi Jinping Came to Power(習近平接班以來的美中關係)
Moderator: Tien Hung-Mao
Discussant: Ralph Cossa
Presenters: Bonnie Glaser, Lin Cheng-yi (林正義), Lowell Dittmer

Prof. Lowell Dittmer presents in Panel One on USA-PRC relations.

Luncheon Keynote Speaker:
Amb. Raymond Burghardt, “The Status of Taiwan-US Relations”

Panel Two – The Dynamic Development of Northeast Asian Situation(東北亞安全情勢發展)
Moderator: Ralph Cossa
Discussant: Paul Evans
Presenters: Tomonori Yoshizaki (吉崎知典), Yujen Kuo (郭育仁)

Prof. Yujen Kuo takes questions from senior participants in the audience.

Panel Three – The Dynamic Development of Southeast Asian Situation(東南亞安全情勢發展)
Moderator: Lin Wen-Cheng
Discussant: Donald Emmerson
Presenters: Carolina Hernandez, Song Yann-Huei (宋燕輝), Brad Glosserman

East-West Center President Dr. Charles Morrison participates during the Panel Session.

Panel Four – The Dynamic Development of the Asia-Pacific Security and Its Implications for Taiwan(亞太安全的動態發展對台灣的影響)
Moderator: Carolina Hernandez
Discussant: Diana Lary
Presenters: Denny Roy, Lin Wen-Cheng (林文程)

Open Door Discussion Session
Featured panelists: Carolina Hernandez, Tien Hung-Mao, Ralph Cossa