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2019 CSCAP Nuclear Energy Experts Group


– 01/25/2019





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Session 1: Nuclear governance: Current status, ongoing work, and next steps
This session will give an overview of current efforts and ongoing work to strengthen nuclear governance at the global level. What progress has been made to enhance nuclear governance since the conclusion of the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit? What is the implementation status of the action plans developed by the UN, IAEA, INTERPOL, GICNT, and the Global Partnership? What is being done to ensure sustainable global nuclear governance in the context of expanded interest in peaceful use of nuclear energy?

Presenter: Trevor Findlay

Session 2: Nuclear governance in the Indo-Pacific: Building out from Southeast Asia?
This session will explore how nuclear governance is maintained in the Indo-Pacific and look at ways to improve it. What progress has been made to enhance nuclear governance in the Indo-Pacific region? Can the work recently accomplished in ASEAN, notably through SEANWFZ and ASEANTOM, be expanded or exported to the broader region? What are the opportunities and challenges to do so? Is there a role for the various centers of excellence that have been established in the region?

Presenters: Mely Caballero-Anthony, Julius Trajano, Chen Qinghong, Khairul

Session 3: New nuclear-power users in the Indo-Pacific: Growth/Governance plans
This session will analyze the growth and governance plans of emerging nuclear-power users in the Indo-Pacific. What are China and India’s nuclear-power growth strategies? What are their plans to govern such an expansion in a safe, secure, and proliferation-resistant manner? What challenges do they face?

Presenters: David Santoro, Sitakanta Mishra

Session 4: The nuclear-export regime
This session will look the nuclear-export regime. What is a nuclear export? Is the nuclear-export business governed solely by the Nuclear Suppliers Group (and the Zangger Committee)? Are there other mechanisms? What are the gaps and limitations of these mechanisms? What capacity-building initiatives exist or should be developed to help bring aspiring nuclear exporters in line with these international requirements?

Presenters: Jorshan Choi, Guo Xiaobing

Session 5: Nuclear exporters in the Indo-Pacific, old and new: Strategies & processes
This session will analyze the plans and strategies of today and tomorrow’s nuclear exporters in the Indo-Pacific. What are the strategies of the major exporters: the United States, Russia, Japan? What is China’s “go global” policy for exporting nuclear technology? What is South Korea’s nuclear energy export strategy? What are the requirements associated with becoming nuclear exporters? Is the emergence of new nuclear exporters impacting Southeast Asia?

Presenters: Kaoru Naito, Georgy Toloraya

Session 6: Nuclear governance and the impact of new technologies
This session will assess the impact of new technologies on nuclear governance. How do new technologies such as cyber, 3-D printing, or blockchain, affect nuclear governance? What impact will the development of small modular nuclear power reactors have on nuclear governance?

Presenter: Miles Pomper

Wrap-Up and Next Steps