pacific forum History of Pacific Forum

CSCAP Nuclear Energy Experts Group (NEEG)


– 09/28/2021


Virtual Event


Co-chaired by CSCAP Singapore and USCSCAP

Virtual (Zoom)


Session 1: Drivers for Nuclear Power in Asia: The Impact of Climate Change

What are the drivers for the development of nuclear power in Asia? Is climate change a key driver? What are the pros and cons of the nuclear power option to address the climate change problem? How can its opportunities be seized and challenges addressed, especially in Asia? What role can regional institutions play?

Speaker: Zha Daojiong

Session 2: Advancing the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology in Asia with Strong Nuclear Governance

How can regional states better use, even enhance the peaceful use of nuclear technology, to improve health or food security, water management, or environmental protection in a safe and secure manner? What challenges do regional states face? How can these challenges be overcome? What actions can regional institutions take? What are the implications of the just-announced AUKUS pact?

Speakers: Sabar Md Hashim, Hoang Sy Than, Carlo Arcilla

Session 3: Improving Nuclear Governance in Asia

What progress have regional states made toward improving nuclear governance in Asia, particularly in the trade controls area? What are the obstacles to progress in this area? What are the challenges? How can they be overcome? What actions can be taken to speed up progress?

Speakers: Ian Stewart, Teng Iyu Lin, Lorenz Anthony Fernando

Session 4: What Future for Small Modular Reactors & Floating Nuclear Power Plants in Asia?

How different are small modular reactors and floating nuclear plants from more standard technology? What are their unique technological features? What are the implications for nuclear safety, safeguards, and security? What are the safety implications of the Gen. IV reactors? How popular are these technologies in Asia, and how can regional states and institutions adapt to ensure their proper management?

Speakers: Denise Cheong, Jorshan Choi, Kazuaki Matsui