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Honolulu International Forum featuring Kent Kedl



Honolulu, Hawaii


March 31, 2014
Honolulu, Hawaii


China has always been a challenging market for foreign companies, a murky mix of political, social, cultural and legal factors that are difficult to understand and seemingly impossible to manage. The past 12 months have been particularly challenging as foreign companies have been accused by Chinese authorities of a range of infractions, from bribery to price-fixing to tax dodging.

Is this just business-as-usual or does this signal a new business environment that must be approached and managed in a completely different manner?

Kent discussed:

• Motivations of the new Chinese administration
• Challenges for foreign companies in China: the GSK case
• Who is the chicken and who is the monkey?
• Legal problems and political solutions Kent is Managing Director of Control Risks Greater China and North Asia region.

Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for the overall commercial and business operations for the company in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Koreas and Mongolia. Kent has particular experience and expertise in the healthcare, F&B, and consumer products sectors in China and across the Asia-Pacific.