pacific forum History of Pacific Forum

Seventh Meeting of ARF Experts and Eminent Persons Group


– 05/10/2013




Thursday, May 9:

Session 1: Review of ARF and EEPG work to date on preventive diplomacy (PD)
Presenters: Mohammed Sahrip Othman, Brunei EEP; Carl Baker, Pacific Forum Pacific Forum

Session 2: Discussion of ARF “next steps” toward PD
Presenters: Wiryono Sastro Handoyo, Indonesia EEP; Paul Dibb, Australia EEP

Session 3: Discussion on future direction of the ARF and relationship to East Asia Summit and ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting Plus
Presenters: Paul Evans, Canada EEP

Session 4: Review of “Discussion Paper on Moving Toward Preventive Diplomacy”

Friday, May 10

Session 5: Discussion on future role of the EEPG and how they relate to CSCAP and other track 2/1.5 EEPs
Presenters: Chung-in Moon Korea EEP; Frank Wilson, New Zealand EEP

Session 6: Other matters
5.1 Ryuichiro Yamazaki: Asian Productivity Organization
5.2 Date and venue for next EEPG meeting and topics
5.3 Discussion paper on PD (cont.)

Session 7: Discussion of Co-Chairmen’s Report

Public Panel: “Regional Reactions to the US ‘Pivot to Asia'”
Chair: Ralph Cossa
Panel: Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, Paul Evans, Liu Xuecheng