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US-Japan Virtual Forum on Cybersecurity Cooperation: Beyond the Tokyo Olympics



Public Virtual Event


August 19, 2021 (US) | August 20, 2021 (Asia)

Virtual (Zoom)


Dr. Benjamin Bartlett
Assistant Professor, Miami University

Mark Manantan
Resident Vasey Fellow, Pacific Forum

Dr. Wilhelm Vosse
Professor, International Christian University

Moderated by Dr. Crystal Pryor, Vice President, Pacific Forum

About this Event

As the anchor of stability in the Indo-Pacific region, the US-Japan alliance faces enormous challenges and opportunities to revisit, review, and reinvigorate existing approaches in cybersecurity cooperation. Our two countries face an ever-changing cyber threat environment; the advent of disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, big data, and quantum technology; and the fragmentation of the global Internet consensus. The Forum aims to examine the progress, challenges, and prospects for US-Japan cybersecurity cooperation in securing critical national infrastructure (CNI) against the backdrop of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing great power competition.

Experts convened for two days of closed-door sessions and a table-top exercise and will share their findings at this public panel. The panelists will offer policy recommendations for future cooperation and next steps for the US-Japan alliance in cybersecurity, especially with regard to securing critical national infrastructure.