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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Session 1: Meeting new North Korean challenges
North Korea continues to modernize its nuclear and missile programs, and seems determined to acquire a 2nd strike capability. How is North Korea likely to posture its nuclear forces? How will North Korea’s behavior change as it acquires more sophisticated and numerous nuclear weapons and delivery systems? How should these changes alter ROK and US thinking about deterrence and responding to North Korean threats?

ROK presenter: Dr. Chang Kwoun PARK
US presenter: Mr. John WARDEN

Session 2: China’s rise and regional security architecture
This session focuses on the military dimensions of China’s rise and implications for regional security. How does each side assess China’s long-term strategy and its physical power? What are the implications of these assessments? How do these changes impact thinking about deterring China? How should we – individually and as an alliance – approach China given these assessments? How does China’s rising power affect thinking about regional security architecture?

US presenter: Mr. Eric SAYERS
ROK presenter: Dr. Kang CHOI

Session 3: ROK-US global partnership
Both Seoul and Washington speak of a global partnership. What does this mean in practice? How and where can the two countries best cooperate off the Korean Peninsula? How should they prioritize those efforts?

ROK presenter: Dr. Chang-Hoon SHIN
US presenter: Mr. Scott SNYDER

Wrap up and takeaways

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