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Workshop on Strategic Trade Controls in the Asia Pacific


– 11/03/2016


Taipei, Tawain


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Conference Report

Session 1: Intangible Technology Transfers (ITT)
This session will focus on intangible technology transfers. What are the sources and the means of transfers of tacit and explicit knowledge? What are the challenges and implementation mechanisms for ITT controls? What is the relationship with deemed exports? What are the good practices for ITT controls?

Tristan VOLPE

Session 2: Enhanced Detection of STC Noncompliance
This session will examine issues related to identification of noncompliant consignments in STC enforcement. What internal and external information can be acquired for risk profiling? What are the essential techniques in verifying target cargoes? What are technologies and resources required for effective verification? What training programs are available for enhancing detection? What are the roles of inter-agency coordination and industry outreach in risk profiling?


Session 3: Transshipment and Transit Issues
This session will focus on managing strategic goods at transshipment, transit facilities. What are the key challenges in transshipment and transit controls? What are good practices associated with trade facilitators such as freight forwarders and brokers? What are the primary risks associated with transshipment facilities? What are the primary risks associated with transit facilities? What are good practices associated with each?


Session 4: Internal Compliance Programs (ICP)
This session will focus on internal compliance programs. How do internal compliance programs contribute to ensuring effective implementation of a strategic trade control system? What incentives can be used to encourage the development of strong ICPs? What measures can be taken to ensure a company’s ICP is effectively implemented across all divisions and all subsidiaries? What are the short-term and long-term benefits of those programs for industry?

Angie WEI
Catherine DILL

Session 5: Institutionalization of STC Regime
This session will explore the institutionalization of STC. What are the linkages between UNSCR 1540 and multilateral export control regimes? What can be done to internationalize standards for STC implementation? What are the benefits associated with further institutionalization of STC? Can STC be integrated into Arms Trade Treaty or any free trade agreements such as Trans-Pacific Partnership?

George TAN
Crystal PRYOR

Session 6: Implementation of United Nations Nonproliferation Sanctions
This session will focus on the implementation of UN sanctions in Asia-Pacific. What is the relationship between implementation of STC and UN sanctions? What can be done to enhance the effectiveness of the sanctions regimes?

Phillip SCHELL
Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan

Session 7: Regional Cooperation for Capacity Building
This session will explore the role of regional cooperation in building strategic trade control capacity. How can UNSCR 1540 Committee’s capacity matching assistance be better utilized? What regional initiatives have been established for building strategic trade control capacity in the Asia-Pacific? What areas of strategic trade management require most attention? What organizations are best suited to provide capacity building assistance?

Hisashi RIKO
Mi-Yong KIM
Chen-Dong TSO

Session 8: Wrap-Up, Concluding Remarks, and Next Steps
This session will summarize the meeting’s key findings and reflect on next steps for better adoption and implementation of strategic trade controls in the Asia-Pacific region.