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Workshop on Strategic Trade Controls


– 08/29/2013




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August 28, 2013:

Session 1: The Strategic Trade Control Regime
This session will look at the strategic trade control regime. How do UNSCR 1540, the NSG, the AG, the MTCR, and the WA fit together? What role should these regimes play in the development and adoption of national laws and regulations to control trade of strategic goods? Emphasis will be on the outcomes of the latest NSG, AG, MTCR, and WA plenary meetings and on the relationship between the WA and the newly-adopted Arms Trade Treaty.

Presenters: Rajiv Nayan, Michael Liu, Li Hong

Readings: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, Reading 4, Reading 5, Reading 6, Reading 7

Session 2: Control Lists
This session will explore the role of control lists in managing trade of strategic goods, with specific focus on European Union Regulation 428/2009. What are the key features of the regulation? How have countries in the Asia Pacific used this regulation in developing national control lists? Can and should there be a region-wide control list in Asia?

Presenters: Seema Gahlaut, Mohamed Shahabar Kareem

Readings: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, Reading 4, Reading 5

Session 3: Brokering, Forwarding, Transshipment, and Foreign Trade Zone Controls
This session will focus on management of brokering, forwarding, transshipment facilities, and foreign trade zones. How are strategic trade controls applied in each area? How are issues regarding end-users addressed? How can catch-all provisions be applied in these areas? What best practices can improve controls in these areas?

Presenters: Jay Nash

Readings: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, Reading 4

Session 4: UN Security Council Resolutions and Strategic Trade Control Implementation
This session will examine the relationship between UNSCR and strategic trade control implementation. What is the role of UNSCR 1540? What is the role of UN sanctions resolutions? What are the similarities and differences between the two processes? What is proliferation financing and what measures are being taken control it? The draft CSCAP Memorandum on UNSCR 1540 will be presented and input will be solicited from the group.

Presenters: Tanya Ogilvie-White, Chin-Hao Huang, Yea Jen Tseng, Y. Yuan

Readings: Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3, Reading 4, Reading 5, Reading 6, Reading 7

August 29, 2013:

Session 5: Regional Organizations
This session will focus on the role played by regional organizations in helping implement strategic trade controls. How can countries of the Asia Pacific use the activities and initiatives conducted by regional organizations to develop and adopt national strategic trade control laws and regulations? Specifically, how can the initiatives and practices developed by APEC be used by regional governments?

Presenters: George Tan, Mignonne Chan

Readings: Reading 1, Reading 2

Session 6: CSCAP Memorandum
This session will look at CSCAP Memorandum No. 14 – Guidelines for Managing Trade of Strategic Goods (March 2009). How can the memorandum be improved? [Work will be conducted to provide greater specificity to implementation and enforcement procedures and to develop compliance programs for industry.]

Presenters: Hisashi Riko, Steve Kang

Readings: Reading 1

Session 7: Wrap-up and Next Steps
This session will conclude the meeting by highlighting its key findings and discussing next steps for future research.