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Young Leaders Program Singapore (YLPSG) Meetup Session: Where do things stand with North Korea?





October 16, 2015

What is to be made of the increased activity around the Yongbyon nuclear site? How well is North Korea deterred in light of Pyongyang hinting that it could launch long-range missiles to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party? How would the region deal with a collapse of North Korea? David Santoro and John Warden joined the Singapore chapter of the Pacific Forum Young Leaders program to discuss these issues and broader concerns related to the Korean Peninsula.


David Santoro
Senior Fellow, Nuclear Policy, Pacific Forum

John Warden
Senior Fellow, National Security Policy, Pacific Forum

David Santoro specializes in strategic issues, including non- proliferation and nuclear security. Prior to Pacific Forum he was a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. John Warden works on regional security issues including U.S. alliances, extended deterrence, and non-proliferation. He has previously worked with Pacific Forum in Washington DC as part of the Project on Nuclear Issues.

Location: 290 Orchard Rd, #B1-03 Paragon Shopping Centre Din Tai Fung, Singapore