pacific forum History of Pacific Forum

Youth, Gender and Preventing Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia


– 11/30/2023


Bali, Indonesia


These event series, held in partnership with US Indo-Pacific Command (U.S. Department of Defense), consists of a virtual conference and a hybrid workshop. The overarching goal of the series is to build relationships between grassroots organizations and security personnel that are focused on addressing extremism in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In this way, the series aims to connect civil society and security institutions, while also bringing together actors working to prevent & counter extremism (P/CVE) at the local, national, and regional levels.

The virtual conference, which was held in May 2023, allowed security personnel to engage with civil society organizations dedicated to countering extremism through gender and youth-focused approaches. In turn, these civil society organizations offered actionable policy recommendations for security personnel on how they can work more effectively together in future.

The discussions that took place during the virtual conference will be continued through a hybrid workshop scheduled November 2023 or February 2024. The workshop aims to allow CSOs and security personnel to devise concrete plans for future collaboration.


1. Virtual Conference: May 30-31. 2023

2. Hybrid-Virtual/In Person Workshop: November 29-30, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia.