2016 US-ROK Strategic Dialogue

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31 August, 2016

Maui, Hawaii

Session 1: The Rebalance after Obama
What is US policy toward Asia likely to be after the Obama administration? What confidence do we have in continuity in that policy? What is likely to change? Why? What factors will most influence US thinking about the region? How is the ROK likely to react to the next administration? How will domestic politics in Seoul influence the alliance?

Presenters: Young-Ho KIM, Evans REVERE

Session 2: Dealing with China
How does each country assess Chinese intentions in the next five years? What factors drive Chinese foreign policy? Is Beijing’s thinking about Northeast Asia changing? How? How can Washington and Seoul best shape Chinese behavior?

Presenters: Gordon FLAKE, Jaehyon LEE

Session 3: Contingencies on the Korean Peninsula
What are the prospects for the Kim Jong Un regime? How will sanctions influence developments in the DPRK? What are the most likely crisis scenarios for the Korean Peninsula? How can the ROK and the US most influence Pyongyang’s policies Can we agree on a “best future scenario”? How should we prepare for it?

Presenters: Myong-Hyun GO, Paul CHOI