CSCAP Nonproliferation and Disarmament (NPD) Export Controls Experts Group (XCXG)

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14 September, 2020 - 15 September, 2020


Session 1: Introduction, overview and background
This session will review the history of the CSCAP Export Controls Experts Group (XCXG), CSCAP Memorandum No. 14 “Guidelines for Managing Trade of Strategic Goods,” the and objectives for this meeting.

Speakers: Crystal Pryor, David Santoro, Seema Gahlaut

Session 2: Research Findings from “Measuring the Economic Effects of STC Implementation in Southeast Asia”
This session is a presentation of research findings on the economic effects of STC implementation, challenges the study encountered, and avenues for future research. Respondents will provide feedback on the study.

Presenters: Crystal Pryor, Mason Venturo, Mark Manantan
Respondents: Bryan Early, Scott Jones

Session 3: Maturity Model Discussion
This session begins with an overview and stock-taking of Southeast Asian countries’ STC implementation status, what they intend to do next, and what barriers still exist to implementation. What will maturity model implementation look like in Southeast Asia?

Speakers: George Tan, Jay Nash

Session 4: CSCAP Memorandum No. 14 update
This session will explore possible updates to the memo, including a discussion of what ASEAN member states can or should do regionally or jointly, such as sharing information, company blacklists, and industry outreach mechanisms; as well as coordinating National Single Windows. This session will explore actual best practices from countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Finally, participants will jointly draft an updated Memorandum online, which they will continue to finalize after this session concludes.

Speakers: Seema Gahlaut, Anupam Srivastava, Domina Pia Salazar, Anthea Koerbin

Session 5: Wrap-up and discussion of next steps
This session will review the main themes discussed during the previous sessions and explore opportunities for further collaboration. It will also consider specific topics to address in our future meetings, including reinvigorating the CSCAP XCXG.

Speaker: Crystal Pryor