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Celina Agaton (CAN)

Celina Agaton (CAN) is the Filipino-Canadian Founder of Open Knowledge Kit. She regenerates local economies in Asia Pacific, Africa and Indigenous Canada, training local, mostly non-technical cross-sector women data collection, drone, 3D reconstruction and geospatial tools to address knowledge stewardship, gender, jobs, and climate crisis gaps. She leads programs for CGIAR, World Bank and APEC. She is a Subak Australia Climate Fellow and former Executive Director of the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines. She is on the board of Telus International Community Investment Board Philippines. In Toronto she was the Deputy Mayor’s electoral campaign Digital Director, and Open Cities Community Engagement Director at the Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto. She was a Netsquared Co-Organizer and David Suzuki Foundation Ambassador. She was raised in Jakarta, Manila and Toronto and is currently based in Bali.