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Lee Jeong-Ho (ROK)

Lee Jeong-Ho (ROK), a firm believer in journalism’s role in advancing democracy and empowering citizens through information dissemination, is a seasoned journalist set to join Radio Free Asia as a Senior Korea Correspondent in September. He is currently in the final stages of his PhD in Politics Research at King’s College London, with a focus on China-North Korea relations and Pyongyang’s nuclear strategy. Jeong-Ho’s career includes key positions at Bloomberg News, the South China Morning Post and News1 in Seoul, Hong Kg and Washington D.C., where he covered a wide range of global events and security affairs. A former Lieutenant in the Republic of Korea Air Force, Jeong-Ho brings deep insights into North Korean politics and human rights issues. A graduate of Seoul National University and the University of Sydney, Jeong-Ho’s journalistic and research endeavors are guided by his unswerving commitment to fostering democracy and strengthening ties among like-minded nations.