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Won-June Hwang

Won-June Hwang (ROK) is a Ph.D. Student in Military Studies at the Korea National Defense University. He holds an MA in International Relations from Kyung-Hee University and a BA in Military Studies from the Korea Military Academy (KMA). Prior to his Ph.D. program, Hwang served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at KMA. With extensive experience as a commander and staff member in the field, his research interests encompass alliance politics, denuclearization, and militarized disputes. Hwang has presented his work at conferences including MPSA, IPSA, and KAIS and published in journals such as Defense & Security Analysis, Comparative Strategy, and International Journal of China Studies. He is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his academic prowess, such as the Emerging Security Academic Award from INSS, the Academic Paper Award from KNDA, and the Defense Future Talent Academic Award from KIDA.