Audrey Kurth Cronin

Trustees Professor of International Security and Technology; Director of Institute for Politics and Strategy
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

Elena Sokova

Executive Director
Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Joanna (Jo) Spear

Director of the FAO Program
George Washington University, RUSI London, and Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, India

Angela Kane

Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow
Nuclear Threat Initiative

Katrina Leclerc

Communications Coordinator and YPS Policy Specialist, Doctoral Student, Conflict Studies
Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), Saint-Paul University

Jane Hardy

Ambassador, Consul-General, Australian Consulate-General, Honolulu
Consul-General, Australian Consulate-General, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, AU

Mallika Iyer

Program Coordinator
Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)