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Pacific Forum has, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, deepened existing dialogues and established new ones across the region, including in partnership with the US Embassy Singapore, US Embassy Tokyo, US Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City, and American Embassy Jakarta. In 2020-21, with the US Embassy Singapore, Pacific Forum conducted a six-session “Cyber & Tech Security Virtual Series,” a mix of public and closed-door sessions focused on topics such as cybersecurity threats and cooperation, and the application of international law in cyberspace. Also in 2020-21, Pacific Forum launched a webinar series discussing America’s key bilateral relations in the region under the banner of “Indo-Pacific Conversation Series.” These are funded by the US Missions in Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Manila, and Canberra. 


In 2020, commemorating 25 years of relations with Vietnam, the “US-Vietnam Indo-Pacific Conversation Series” – executed in partnership with the University of Social Sciences & Humanities, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City – invited US and Vietnamese leaders from academia, policy, military, and business to reflect on the relationship and highlight mutual interests and areas of cooperation. In collaboration with the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre (USSC), the “US-Australia Indo-Pacific Conversation Series” features senior American and Australian experts and officials to talk about US-Australia engagements on many regional and global issues. In 2021, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the US-Philippine Alliance, Pacific Forum partnered with the Foreign Service Institute to plan and organize a security focused-US-Philippines Indo-Pacific Conversation Series. Finally, throughout 2021 Pacific Forum has organized the 10-part series on “Adapting to COVID-19: Indonesia, the United States, and the Indo-Pacific” with American Embassy Jakarta. This series, also carried out in partnership with the Centre for Strategic and International Studies Indonesia, brings together experts from Indonesia and the United States to discuss matters of bilateral importance amid the gradual recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, including trade, cybersecurity, democracy, and health.

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Rob York

Director for Regional Affairs

Crystal D. Pryor

Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Pacific Forum