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PacNet #15 – Comparative Connections Summary

April 15, 2000

The April 2000 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available:


Regional Overview: Autopilot Is Not Good Enough!
U.S.-Japan Relations: The Security Treaty at 40 – Strong but with Complaints about Back Pain
U.S.-China Relations: Taiwan Tops the Bilateral Agenda
U.S.- Korea Relations: Staying on Course through Election Campaigns
U.S.-Russia Relations: Putin’s Russia
U.S.-ASEAN Relations: Revitalizing Military Ties, the Cambodian Tribunal, and Problems with UNCTAD
China-ASEAN Relations: Tensions Promote Discussions on a Code of Conduct
China-Korea Relations: Upgrading Communication Channels, Messages Are Getting Clearer
Japan-China Relations: No Escaping History – or the Future
Japan-Korea Relations: The Pre-Game Continues…
Japan-Russia Relations: Weathering War, Elections, and Yeltsin’s Resignation
China -Russia Relations: New Century, New Face, and China’s “Putin Puzzle”