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PacNet #16 – Comparative Connections Summary

April 15, 2002

The April 2002 issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:


Regional Overview: Bush Discovers Asia, but Stays on Message
U.S.-Japan Relations: Setting New Standards
U.S.-China Relations: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
U.S.-Korea Relations: Riding the Roller-Coaster
U.S.-Russia Relations: Growing Pains
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: The War on Terrorism: Collaboration and Hesitation
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Courtship and Competition
China-Taiwan Relations: Triangular Cross-Currents
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Slow, Stopped, or Stop-go?
China-Korea Relations: Transit, Traffic Control, and Telecoms: Crossing the "T’s" in Sino-Korean Exchange
Japan-China Relations: Smoother Sailing across Occasional Rough Seas
Japan-Korea Relations: The Emperor Has No (Soccer) Shoes
China-Russia Relations: Tales of Two U.S. Partners: Coping with Post-Taliban Uncertainty
Occasional Analysis: Japan-Southeast Asia Relations: Trading Places?: The Leading Goose & Ascending Dragon