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PacNet #28 – Comparative Connections Summary

July 14, 2000

The July 2000 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available:


Regional Overview: Coming of Age and Coming Out: Shifts in the Geopolitical Landscape
U.S.-Japan Relations: Security and Economic Ties Stabilize before the Okinawa Summit
U.S.-China Relations: Progress on PNTR Boost Relations, but only Slightly
U.S.-Korea Relations: Looking Forward, Looking Back
U.S.-Russia Relations: President Putin: The First Ninety Days
U.S.-ASEAN Relations: Lingering Concerns Amidst Some Promising Developments
China-ASEAN Relations: China Consolidates Its Long-term Bilateral Relations with Southeast Asia
China-Taiwan Relations: Groping for a Formula for Cross-Strait Talks
China-Korea Relations: Beijing at Center Stage or Upstaged by the Two Kims?
Japan-China Relations: Old Issues…and New Approaches?
Japan-Korea Relations: The Roller Coaster of Experiences
Japan-Russia Relations: A Return to the Deep-Freeze?
China -Russia Relations: Strategic Distancing…or Else?