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PacNet #29 – Comparative Connections Summary

July 10, 2003

The July 2003 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:


Regional Overview: Everything Is Going To Move Everywhere . . . But Not Just Yet!
U.S.-Korea Relations: The Nuclear Issue Sputters Along
U.S.-Japan Relations: Still on a Roll
U.S.-Russia Relations: Partnership or Competition?
U.S.-China Relations: SARS, Summitry, and Sanctions
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Southeast Asia Solidifies Antiterrorism Support, Lobbies for Postwar Iraq Reconstruction
China-Southeast Asia Relations: SARS and a New Security Initiative from China Japan-China: Political Breakthrough and the SARS Outbreak
Japan-Korea Relations: “Containment Lite”
China-Taiwan Relations: The Shadow of SARS
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Symbolic Links, Real Gaps
China-Russia Relations: Party Time!
U.S.-Australia Relations: The U.S. and Australia in the Age of Terror
China-Korea Relations: A Turning Point for China?