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Issues & Insights Vol. 05 – No. 08

The prospects for success in resolving the current North Korean nuclear crisis remain limited unless all six parties – and especially the other five, aside from the DPRK – have a clear, common understanding of desired outcomes and objectives, a common definition of what constitutes success (or failure) and a common roadmap for getting from where we are today to where we want and need to be. To help chart a course for the future, this paper reviews the origins of the ongoing North Korean nuclear crisis and the progress of the Six-Party Talks, analyzes areas of agreement and disagreement among the six parties, assesses prospects for the future of the Six-Party Talks, identifies technical issues, uncertainties, and information needs deriving from the talks that might enable the parties to address potential future issues on the agenda at the Six-Party Talks, and recommends practical steps to support the process, if it is to proceed and ultimately succeed.