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Issues & Insights Vol. 06 – No. 03

These essays are the product of a week-long visit to Taiwan by 17 Young Leaders Oct. 10-15, 2005. With the support of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, the Young Leaders participated in two days of dialogue with civic organizations and political parties where they heard Taiwanese views on regional security issues, Taiwan’s democracy, and its role in the region and the world. They also participated in the Asia-Pacific Security Forum (APSF) held Oct. 12-14, 2005, an annual meeting jointly founded in 1997 by the Pacific Forum, which is led by Ralph Cossa; the Institute for National Policy Research, led by Hung-mao Tien; the Institute for Strategic and Development Studies, led by Carolina G. Hernandez, and the Paris-based Asia Center, led by François Godement. The APSF aims to foster multilateral dialogue on regional security issues, including the cross-Strait relationship, and to ensure that Taiwan security issues are objectively discussed in the international arena. The conference included a luncheon address by Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu, which aimed to clarify President Chen Shui-bian’s cross-Strait priorities.