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Issues & Insights Vol. 10 – No. 02

2009 was an eventful year for the Pacific Forum Korea program. Through a generous start-up grant from an anonymous Korean-American businessperson, the Pacific Forum, Pacific Forum is proud to have established the "James A. Kelly Korean Studies Fellowship Program." This fellowship recognizes the exemplary efforts of Jim Kelly, the Pacific Forum’s previous president (and former US assistant secretary of state and primary Six-Party Talks negotiator), to improve US-ROK relations and encourage the DPRK to denuclearize and join the international community of nations. The James A. Kelly Korean Studies Fellowship Program aims to promote academic study, research, and professional career development, with a focus on Korean Peninsula studies. Kelly Fellows will learn about world affairs and diplomacy through active participation in the Pacific Forum’s Young Leaders program, in-residence research at the Pacific Forum, and active participation in the forums that are undertaken by the Pacific Forum around the world. Thanks to this donor’s generous endowment, including a $1 million matching pledge, Pacific Forum was able to kick start the Korean studies program in 2009, which resulted in the following four Young Leaders projects.