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Issues & Insights Vol. 11 – No. 2

The 2nd annual Young Leaders Conference, “The Changing Security Paradigm in Southeast Asia and Korea’s New Asia Policy: Searching for a Confidence-building Method with Young Leaders,” began in Seoul, Republic of Korea (ROK) on May 29, 2010. Thirty-five Young Leaders from 13 different countries explored regional dynamics and the future of Korea’s relationship with Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and the US over the course of four days. The program started with a full day of roundtables featuring guest speakers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in addition to presentations and discussions led by Young Leaders. Young Leaders were grouped into region-based teams covering Southeast Asia-ROK, Northeast Asia-ROK, and US-ROK relations. The teams were tasked with presenting an outline for a 2030 joint vision plan for its region and South Korea by the end of the conference. The papers in this publication are the 2030 joint vision plans as envisioned by next generation leaders.