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Issues & Insights Vol. 16 – No. 10 – China’s “New Silk Road” and US-Japan Alliance Geostrategy: Challenges and Opportunities

This project analyzes China’s New Silk Road policy and the geostrategic challenges and opportunities it poses for the US-Japan alliance. After examining and contextualizing the policy through the lens of classical geopolitics, the paper shows that China’s westward focus necessitates a global alliance geostrategy aimed at ensuring the Eurasian balance of power. As a means of offsetting the prospects of China’s strategy that alliance geostrategy must actively seek to maintain the division of Eurasian great powers and the maintenance of Central Asia as an open and competitive economic zone. A Russia-China or China-EU security partnership – fostered by economic cooperation through the New Silk Road initiative – would present a real threat to both the Eurasian balance of power and the US-led liberal world order that both the US and Japan are committed to upholding.