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Issues & Insights Vol. 23, SR3 – Strategic Competition and Security Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

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  • Carl W. Baker Executive Director


Strategic Competition and Security Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific


There is a growing acceptance among countries in the Indo-Pacific region that strategic competition between the United States and China is changing perceptions about security and the adequacy of the existing security architecture. While some have characterized the competition between the two as a new Cold War, it is clear that what is happening in the region is far more complex than the competition that characterized the original Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. First, the economic integration that has taken place since the early 1990s makes it much more difficult to draw bright ideological lines between the two sides. Further, the Asian context of the emerging competition is one where the two competitors have grown to share power. As the dominant military power, the United States has been the primary security guarantor in Asia and beyond. China, on the other hand, has emerged over the past decades as the primary economic catalyst in Asia and beyond. Currently, each side seems increasingly unwilling to accept that arrangement.

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Table of Contents

Introduction | Carl Baker
Chapter 1.Southeast Asia Faces Its Boogeyman – Great Power Competition Returns to Southeast Asia in the 21st Century | Drew Thompson
Chapter 2.Geoeconomics and Geopolitics in Southeast Asia | Thitinan Pongsudhirak
Chapter 3.Economic Aspects of National Security | Brad Glosserman
Chapter 4.China as a technological power: Chinese perspectives and the quantum case | Hoo Tiang Boon
Chapter 5.Minilateral groupings as an alternative to multilateralism in an era of strategic competition | Thomas Wilkins
Chapter 6.The Role of Indo-Pacific Economic Institutions in Shaping Security Competition | Prashanth Parameswaran
Chapter 7.Economic Development Cooperation amid Indo-Pacific Strategic Competition | Gong Xue
Chapter 8.Regional Security Cooperation in the US-China Strategic Competition | Kei Koga
Chapter 9.Strategic Competition and Security Cooperation | Raymund Jose Quilop