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Issues & Insights Vol. 23, SR8 – The United States & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation

  • Morihiro Ogasahara

    Professor in the Faculty of Sociology of Toyo University in Tokyo

  • Christopher Paul

    Senior Social Scientist at the RAND Corporation

Written By

  • Akira Igata Project Lecturer, RCAST, The University of Tokyo
  • Rob York Director for Regional Affairs


The United States & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation


In our 21st century information age security does not start with weapons or with the armed forces who wield them. A range of non-traditional security issues has arisen to test even the oldest and closest of alliances—including that of the United States and Japan. Disinformation is among these issues, and this paper series, carried out with the generous support of the US Embassy Tokyo, highlights the specific challenges that disinformation presents. The good news is that Japan, at least so far, is not demonstrating exceptionally high difficulties with disinformation so far. However, as the paper by Prof. Morihiro Ogasahara demonstrates, there are specific demographics and specific types of news consumers in the country who are vulnerable, and Dr. Christopher Paul’s findings indicate that Japan could very well find itself under a more sustained attack by adversaries wishing to weaken its relationship with the US in the future. We at Pacific Forum hope that these papers serve as a wakeup call for policymakers, and lead to proactive solutions not only for this alliance, but which may be modeled for US relationships throughout the region.


Rob York

Director for Regional Affairs

Pacific Forum

This Issues and Insights special report was funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.

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Table of Contents

1.The Relationship between News Repertoire and Exposure to, Discernment of, and Dissemination of Disinformation: An Analysis in the 2022 Japanese Upper House Election | Morihiro Ogasahara
2.Options for Countering Disinformation in Japan | Christopher Paul

About the Authors

Morihiro Ogasahara is a professor in the Faculty of Sociology of Toyo University in Tokyo.

Christopher Paul is a senior social scientist at the RAND Corporation where he conducts policy research analysis related to the information environment.