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Next Generation US-ROK Visualization Project

“Visualization of the US-ROK Relationship” is a product of the Young Leader pre-conference assignment from the first Pacific Forum US-ROK Strategic Dialogue.  The authors are all American but took extra care to collaborate with Korean counterparts to create a visualization of the US-ROK through the eyes of the next generation that is reflective of the Korean perspective as well.  This project aims to tap into the technological opportunities that are now readily available.  While the immediate goal is to provide a fresh perspective on a well-established issue, in the long-term, this project can serve as a pedagogic device and even a template for other alliances.

The authors provide an overview of the US-ROK relationship by using the three traditional pillars – the military, economic and social pillars – and how they have shifted over time. The ubiquitous fourth pillar of global cooperation is introduced to cover the changing relationship dynamics, the expanding focus of the US-ROK relations, and the implications thereof through the eyes of the next generation. The authors presented this project at a Korea Economic Institute (KEI)-sponsored conference in Honolulu, October 2009.  The presentation can be view at: