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Pacific Forum’s Annual Dinner Celebrates Milestones and Inspires Generational Collaboration

Honolulu, Hawaii, April 16th, 2024  – The Pacific Forum’s Annual Dinner, held at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, marked a significant milestone in the organization’s history.
As the primary annual fundraiser and largest source of unrestricted financial support, this event showcased the enduring commitment of the Pacific Forum to fostering peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

This year’s dinner was particularly special as it honored Pacific Forum Chairman James A. Kelly, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Young Leaders Program.

The Young Leaders Program, one of the country’s oldest programs of its kind, was commemorated with a panel discussion moderated by Brad Glosserman,Senior Advisor at Pacific Forum.
The panel featured esteemed speakers Eric Sayers, Managing Director and Indo-Pacific Practice lead at Beacon Global Strategies LLC, Dr. Kristi Govella,Director, Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs and Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Brandt Mabuni, Non-Proliferation Research Fellow, highlighting the energy and insights of the next generation of leaders.

“The celebration of our Young Leaders Program’s 20th anniversary underscores the Pacific Forum’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent and fostering intergenerational collaboration,” said Pacific Forum President, Dr. David Santoro. “At the same time, we honored the distinguished service of our Board Chairman, James A. Kelly, whose leadership has been instrumental in shaping the organization’s mission and impact.”

The event emphasized the importance of knowledge transfer from one generation to the next in navigating foreign and security policy in today’s ever-changing world.
With the Indo-Pacific region becoming increasingly central to the global economy, the Pacific Forum remains committed to addressing emerging challenges through its Young Leader programs, track 2 diplomacy, and cutting-edge research.

“As we witness the growing complexities and uncertainties in the Indo-Pacific, the Pacific Forum stands at the forefront of efforts to promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation,” added Dr. John Hemmings, Senior Associate Director at Pacific Forum. “Through initiatives like our Young Leaders Program and track 2 diplomacy, we aim to contribute to a more peaceful and stable future for the region.”


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