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PacNet #20 – Comparative Connections Summary

  • Regional Overview: They’re (Not Quite) Baaaack!
  • US-Japan Relations: Many Issues, a Few Bright Spots
  • US-China Relations: The Honeymoon Ends
  • US-Korea Relations: Nuclear South of the Border
  • US-Southeast Asia Relations: Denouement and Delay
  • China-Southeast Asia Relations: Trade Agreement Registers China’s Prominence
  • China-Taiwan Relations: ECFA and Domestic Politics
  • South Korea-North Korea Relations: Torpedoed?
  • China-Korea Relations: Fire Sale, Hot Money, and Anxieties about "Investment"
  • Japan-China Relations: All’s Well that Ends Well
  • Japan-Korea Relations: Same As It Ever Was
  • China-Russia Relations: Putin Invited Xi: Overture to 2012
  • Special Assessment: Asian Regionalism: New Challenges, New Vision, Pedestrian Progress