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PacNet #25 – Dalai Lama, China and the West: Is win-win-win still possible?

[Editor’s note: Much has been written about the Tibetan riots and their aftermath, mostly from a Western perspective. This PacNet provides a Chinese perspective in the interest of presenting all sides of a difficult emotional issue. As always, opinions expressed in PacNet are those of the author and not the Pacific Forum CSIS.]

 No one anticipated the dynamics triggered by the riots in Tibet March 14. The focus of attention has shifted from the rioters vs. armed police on the streets of Lhasa, to activists vs. Olympic torch bearers in London, Paris, and San Francisco and finally to average Chinese vs. those who, from a Chinese perspective, “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.” Fairly or not, the list of “bad guys” (from a Chinese perspective) includes “the Dalai clique,” CNN and Carrefour, a French supermarket chain, among others.