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PacNet #27 – China/Taiwan “Strategic Ambiguity” Survey Results

During May 2001, the Pacific Forum conducted a PacNet Reader Survey, "Does Strategic Ambiguity Make Sense?" The survey was disseminated shortly after President George W. Bush seemed to move toward a more definitive cross-Strait policy by stating in interviews that the U.S. would do "whatever it took" to help Taiwan defend itself. (The statement was quickly modified by Bush and other high-ranking officials who insisted the U.S. did not intend to change its policy on Taiwan.) We asked for reader views on two questions: whether strategic ambiguity regarding cross-Strait issues should be maintained and whether the U.S. should oppose Beijing’s 2008 Olympic bid. We received 82 responses: 55 from the U.S., 13 from Taiwan, one from China, five from Japan, and eight "others," including Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, etc.