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PacNet #27 – Comparative Connections Summary

The April 2009 issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:

Regional Overview: High Priority and Drama over Asia
U.S.-Japan Relations: A Fresh Start
U.S.-China Relations: A Good Beginning Is Half Way to Success
U.S.-Korea Relations: The Late Night Phone Call
U.S. Russia Relations: Russia Sizes Up Obama
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Indonesia as Exemplar of Southeast Asia’s Importance
China-Southeast Asia Relations: South China Sea, Economic Issues
China-Taiwan Relations: New Economic Challenges
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Squeezing the Border
China-Korea Relations: Year of China-DPRK Friendship: North’s Rocket Fizzles
Japan-China Relations: New Year, Old Problems
Japan-Korea Relations: Conflict with North Improves Japan-ROK Relations