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PacNet #28 – Comparative Connections Summaries

  • Regional Overview: Shaking the Foundations
  • US-Japan Relations: Responding to Multiple Crises
  • US-China Relations: Pomp and Substance: Hu’s State Visit to the US
  • US-Korea Relations: Under the Shadow of 2010
  • US-Southeast Asia Relations: Dismay at Thai-Cambodian Skirmishes
  • China-Southeast Asia Relations: Chinese Reassures Neighbors, Deepens Engagement
  • China-Taiwan Relations: Steady as She Goes
  • North Korea-South Korea Relations: Not Getting Better
  • China-Korea Relations: Can Inter-Korean Dialogue Revive Six-Party Talks?
  • Japan-China Relations: Looking for Traction
  • Japan-Korea Relations: Japan’s Tragedy Overshadows Everything
  • China-Russia Relations: Mounting Challenges and Multilateralism