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PacNet #28 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2001 Issue of Comparative Connections is available online:


Regional Overview: Bush Asia Policy Slowly Taking Shape
U.S.-Japan Relations: Koizumi Steals the Spotlight
U.S.-China Relations: Mid-Air Collision Cripples Sino-U.S. Relations
U.S.-Korea Relations: Good Sense in Washington, A Big Question Mark in Pyongyang
U.S.-Russia Relations: Bush at Ljubljana: No Reagan at Reykjavik
U.S.-ASEAN Relations: Wanted: More Attention from the United States
China-ASEAN Relations: Making the Rounds
China-Taiwan Relations: A Fragile Calm
North Korea-South Korea Relations: States Stalled: Business as Usual?
China-Korea Relations: Economic Interests Uber Alles: Hitting the Jackpot through Sino-Korean Partnership
Japan-China Relations: Trouble Starts with "T"
Japan-Korea Relations: Questions, Questions, and More Questions…
China-Russia Relations: Treaties Scrapped, Treaties Signed