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PacNet #28 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2005 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available online:
Regional Overview: Mixed Signals, Mixed Results
U.S.-Korea Relations: Good News Summit Kicks Disputes Down the Road
U.S.-Russia Relations: Further Strategic Disconnect
U.S.-Japan Relations: Tokyo’s Trials
U.S.-China Relations: Disharmony Signals End to Post-Sept. 11 Honeymoon
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Summitry Hints of a More Activist Approach
China-Southeast Asia Relations: Dancing with China
China-Taiwan Relations: Opposition Leaders Visit China 
Japan-China Relations: No End to History
Japan-Korea Relations: Little Progress on North Korea or History Disputes
North Korea-South Korea Relations: Who’s Singing Whose Song?
China-Russia Relations: Politics of Anniversaries and Beyond
China-Korea Relations: Pursuing Super Economic Cooperation