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PacNet #29 – Comparative Connections Summary

The July 2007 issue is now availabe online:

Regional Overview: Tests Postponed, Pending, Passed, and in Progress
U.S.-Japan Relations: Steadying the Alliance and Bracing for Elections 
U.S.-China Relations: Two Bilateral Dialogue Mechanisms Manage Friction 
U.S.-Korea Relations: Finally Progress on the Feb. 13 Joint Agreement 
U.S.-Russia Relations: Death of the 1990s
U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations: Better Military Relations and Human Rights Concerns
China-Southeast Asia Relations: China’s Activism Faces Persistent Challenges 
China-Taiwan Relations: Dueling in the International Arena 
North Korea-South Korea Relations: On Track?
China-Korea Relations: Strategic Maneuvers for the “Sandwich Economy” 
Japan-China Relations: Wen in Japan: Ice Melting But…
Japan-Korea Relations: Treading Water, Little Progress
China-Russia Relations: Partying and Posturing for Power, Petro, and Prestige…