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PacNet #3 – Comparative Connections Summary

The January 2000 Issue of Comparative Connections is now available:


Regional Overview: Seattle Wake-Up Call: Will Washington Answer?
U.S.-Japan Relations: Not Bad for Auto-Pilot
U.S.-China Relations: Progress Amidst Persisting Deep Suspicions
U.S.-Republic of Korea Relations: Never Better!… But Can It Last?
U.S.-Russia Relations: Exit Yeltsin
U.S.-ASEAN Relations: Riots in Seattle and Tensions Elsewhere
China-ASEAN Relations: Consolidating Long-Term Regional Relations
China-Taiwan Relations: Across the Strait, Across the Years
China-ROK Relations: Deepening Intimacy and Increased Economic Exchange
Japan-China Relations: A Search for Understanding
Japan-ROK Relations: DPRK Dialogue: A Little Luck the Fourth Time Around?
Japan-Russia Relations: Weathering War, Elections, and Yeltsin’s Resignation
Russia-China Relations: Back to the Future
Occasional Analysis: North Korea: Making up Lost Ground, Pyongyang Reaches Out